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Table 2 New accessory regions found in NT strains

From: Non-typeable pneumococci circulating in Portugal are of cps type NCC2 and have genomic features typical of encapsulated isolates

Accessory region TIGR4 locus Identified by STMa Predicted functionb
42 SP_0115-0117 Yes Cell envelope
43 SP_0124-0126 No Hypothetical
44 SP_0130-0144 Yes ABC transporter (glucose)
45 SP_0314-0330 Yes PTS system
46 SP_0367-0369 No Cell envelope
47 SP_0391-0393 No Cell envelope
48 SP_0569-0571 Yes Type II RM system
49 SP_0595-0597 Yes Hypothetical
50 SP_0627-0629 No Hypothetical
51 SP_0636-0640 No ABC transporter
52 SP_0683-0685 No Hypothetical
53 SP_0703-0711 No ABC transporter (aa)
54 SP_0737-0740 No Transport & transcription regulation
55 SP_1030-1040 Yes ABC transporter (iron)
56 SP_1042-1045 Yes Metabolic
57 SP_1119-1125 Yes Metabolic (glycogen)
58 SP_1160-1165 No Metabolic (acetoin)
59 SP_1209-1211 No Hypothetical
60 SP_1656-1658 No Hypothetical
61 SP_1677-1679 No Hypothetical
62 SP_1849-1851 No Type II RM system
63 SP_1855-1859 Yes Transport & transcription regulation
64 SP_1869-1872 Yes ABC transporter (iron)
65 SP_2147-2154 No Metabolic (arginine)
66 SP_2178-2183 Yes Hypothetical
  1. a – gene(s) within region(s) identified by signature-tagged mutagenesis as required for invasive disease [20]; b – ATP-binding cassette (ABC); phosphotransferase (PTS); restriction modification (RM); amino acid (aa).