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Table 2 w Mel genes potentially inactive in w Au

From: Comparative genome analysis of Wolbachia strain wAu

wMel gene Function Matching wAu gene(s) Difference in wAu
WD0092 DNA processing chain A WPWAU0139/WPWAU0140 Frameshift
WD0139 Transcriptional activator, tenA family, putative WPWAU0095 Start codon mutation
WD0196 Hypothetical protein No match Truncation
WD0254 Transcriptional regulator, putative WPWAU0256/WPWAU0257/WPWAU0686/WPWAU0687 Frameshift
WD0274 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0651 Start codon mutation
WD0284 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0640/WPWAU0641 Frameshift
WD0288 Prophage LambdaW1, site-specific recombinase, resolvase family WPWAU0636 Nonsense mutation
WD0294 Ankyrin repeat domain protein WPWAU0631 Truncation
WD0295 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0322/WPWAU0323 Frameshift
WD0382 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0417/WPWAU0418/WPWAU0419 Frameshift
WD0383 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0420/WPWAU0421 Frameshift
WD0385 Ankyrin repeat domain protein WPWAU0423/WPWAU0426/WPWAU0427 Mobile element insertion
WD0446 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0481/ Frameshift
WD0462 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0494/ Frameshift
WD0463 ATPase, AAA family WPWAU0496 Mobile element insertion
WD0472 ATPase, AAA family WPWAU0507/ Nonsense mutation
WD0507 DNA repair protein RadC, truncation No match Absent
WD0508 Transcriptional regulator, putative No match Absent
WD0509 DNA mismatch repair protein MutL-2 No match Absent
WD0511 Conserved hypothetical protein No match Absent
WD0512 Hypothetical protein No match Absent
WD0513 Hypothetical protein No match Absent
WD0514 Ankyrin repeat domain protein No match Absent
WD0548 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0565 Frameshift
WD0572 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0271 Frameshift
WD0582 Regulatory protein RepA, putative WPWAU0282/ Frameshift
WD0591 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0289 Frameshift
WD0594 Prophage LambdaW4, DNA methylase WPWAU0291/ Frameshift
WD0609 Regulatory protein RepA, putative WPWAU0669/ Frameshift
WD0610 Helicase, SNF2 family WPWAU0671/ Nonsense mutation
WD0619 GlpT/PgpT/UhpT transporter family protein WPWAU0681 Frameshift
WD0622 Transcriptional regulator, putative WPWAU0256/ Frameshift
WD0630 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0249 Truncation
WD0631 Hypothetical protein No match Absent
WD0632 Hypothetical protein No match Absent
WD0636 Prophage LambdaW5, ankyrin repeat domain protein WPWAU0314/ Frameshift
WD0638 Conserved hypothetical protein WPWAU0311/ Frameshift
WD0682 Ribosomal protein S10 WPWAU0607 Nonsense mutation
WD0686 Conserved domain protein WPWAU0613/ Mobile element insertion
WD0696 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0698 Nonsense mutation
WD0766 Ankyrin repeat domain protein WPWAU0768 Nonsense mutation
WD1041 Surface protein-related protein WPWAU1092/ Frameshift
WD1111 Hypothetical protein WPWAU0887/ Frameshift
WD1180 Recombination protein RecR WPWAU1182 Nonsense mutation
WD1187 Hypothetical protein WPWAU1187 Frameshift
WD1320 Multidrug resistance protein D WPWAU1315 Frameshift
  1. Truncation refers to shortening of the gene sequence due to partial deletion or genome rearrangement. Small hypothetical genes with multiple matches are not included, as these are likely to be remnants of mobile elements. Genes annotated as truncations in wMel are not included, as these are likely to be inactive in wMel.