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Figure 4

From: Microsatellite abundance across the Anthozoa and Hydrozoa in the phylum Cnidaria

Figure 4

Boxplots of the microsatellite repeat length (number of repeat copies) in the Cnidaria. T-test between whole genome sequenced (WGS) and partial genome sequenced (PGS) species were significant (p <0.001) for di-, tri-, tetra-, hexa- and pentanucleotides (p <0.02). For PGS species, analyses of variance were significant (p <0.05) for tri-, tetra-, penta- and hexanucleotides. For the WGS species, analyses of variance were significant (p <0.001) for mono-, tri- and tetranucleotides. NS =‚ÄČnot significant. Notice the varying scales of the y-axis. See Figure¬†1 for an explanation of the box plots.

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