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Table 4 The scheme of how to apply I2b-RAD approach

From: An improved 2b-RAD approach (I2b-RAD) offering genotyping tested by a rice (Oryza sativa L.) F2 population

  High density genetic map Common – lower density genetic map
Application Chromosome assembly QTL mapping
Enzyme BsaXI BsaXI AlfI
Adapter Adapter1, adapter2 Adapter1, adapter2 with 5′-NNF-3′ overhangs Adapter1, adapter2 with 5′-NF-3′ overhangs
Enzyme site percentage 100% 1/16th 1/16th
The count of samples in a single lane (Oryza sativa for instance) SE50 of 24 samples; PE50 of 48 samples; SE50 of 384 samples; PE50 of 768 samples; SE50 of 768 samples; PE50 of 1536 samples;
  1. The count of samples by 1/16th of AlfI adapter were calculated based on the simulate data on Table 3. The AlfI sites were nearly 1/2th of the BsaXI in Oryza sativa.