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Table 4 Cross-platform Comparison of Read Mapping to B. anthracis Sterne

From: Comparison of three next-generation sequencing platforms for metagenomic sequencing and identification of pathogens in blood

Platform #Replicates Reads mapped (low) Reads mapped (med) Reads mapped (high) Fraction of reference covereda Detected by qPCR?
PGM 2 29,534/15,676 7,689/4,286 247/178 .12/.09 Y
Roche-454 2 384/376 249/240 65/56 .01/.01 Y
MiSeq 2 10,415/41,242 3,024/9,985 1,633/7,930 .07/.19 Y
  1. a: Fraction of reference covered using high stringency mapping parameters as defined in Methods.