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Figure 3

From: Sequence differences at orthologous microsatellites inflate estimates of human-chimpanzee differentiation

Figure 3

Interspecies comparison of heterozygosities at orthologous microsatellites. Scatterplots comparing He at orthologous microsatellites in chimpanzees and humans are shown for (A) 143 microsatellites where the human and chimpanzee ePCR fragments had the same STR structure, and (B) 39 microsatellites where one or more STR regions in the human or chimpanzee ePCR fragment were comprised of only three repeats or disrupted by a mutation overlaid on the 92% utilization distributions for the microsatellites in A. Each symbol’s line and fill color indicate the number of STR regions in the chimpanzee and human ePCR fragments, respectively, in B. Black dashed lines depict the identity line, and black and grey dotted lines depict ±1 SD and ±2 SD departures from the identity line, respectively.

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