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Table 1 Details of nuclear receptors identified in T. japonicus

From: Genome-wide identification of nuclear receptor (NR) superfamily genes in the copepod Tigriopus japonicus

Subfamily Group Nuclear receptors Size (amino acids) Accession no. (GenBank ID) Homologous receptors (Arthropods/Chordates)
NR1 D TJ-E75a-iso1 897 KJ664189 E75/Rev-Erb-a, Rev-Erb-b
TJ-E75b-iso2 752 KJ664190
TJ-E75c-iso3 1004 KJ664191
  F TJ-HR3-iso1 688 KJ664192 HR3/RORa, RORb, RORg
TJ-HR3-iso2 883 KJ664193
  H TJ-ECR 546 ADD82902 EcR/LXRa, LXRb, FXR
  J TJ-HR96 630 KJ664194 HR96/-
  L TJ-HR97a1 418 KJ664195 HR97/-
   TJ-HR97a2 566 KJ664196  
   TJ-HR97a3 482 KJ664198  
   TJ-HR97a4 448 KM676402  
   TJ-HR97a5 467 KJ664199  
   TJ-HR97a6 560 KJ664201  
   TJ-HR97a7 476 KJ664206  
   TJ-HR97a8 499 KJ664205  
   TJ-HR97b1 470 KJ664200  
   TJ-HR97b2 668 KJ664202  
   TJ-HR97b3 566 KJ664203  
   TJ-HR97b4 807 KJ664205  
NR2 A TJ-HNF4 498 KJ664207 HNF4/HNF4a, HNF4g
  B TJ-USP 449 KJ664208 USP/RXRa, RXRb, RXRg
  D TJ-HR78 697 KJ664209 HR78/-
  E TJ-TLL 480 KJ664210 TLL/TLX
   TJ-PNR 408 KJ664211 HR51, PNR/PNR
   TJ-DSF 525 KJ664212 DSF/-
  F TJ-SVP-iso1 424 KJ664213 SVP/COUP-TFa, COUP-TFb
TJ-SVP-iso2 426 KJ664214
NR3 B TJ-ERR-iso1 504 KJ664215 ERR/ERRa, ERRb, ERRg
TJ-ERR-iso2 534 KJ664216
NR4 A TJ-HR38 589 KJ664217 HR38/NGF1B, NURR1, NOR1
NR5 A TJ-FTZ-F1 659 KJ664218 FTZ-F1/SF1, LRH1
  B TJ-HR39 784 KJ664219 HR39/-
NR6 A TJ-HR4 662 KJ664220 HR4/GCNF
NR0 A TJ-KNR1 426 KJ664221 KNI, KNRL, EGON/-
   TJ-KNR2 306 KJ664222  
   TJ-KNR3 448 KJ664223  
  1. Both the arthropod names and the official nomenclature names for chordates are given for each nuclear receptor. Name of isotypes for each NR are abbreviated with ‘iso’.