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Table 1 20 top-scoring associations between drug-resistance profiles and point mutations in the case study on 173 fully sequenced M.tuberculosis strains.

From: GWAMAR: Genome-wide assessment of mutations associated with drug resistance in bacteria

drug name gene id gene name mutation all h.c. TGH
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA D94G/A/H/N/Y Y Y 14.1843430424
Isoniazid Rv1908c katG S315T/G/N Y Y 9.04507605888
Rifampicin Rv0667 rpoB S450L Y Y 8.60191917013
Streptomycin Rv0682 rpsL K43R Y Y 8.32303955124
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB M306I/V/L Y Y 8.24966301883
Isoniazid Rv1483 fabG1 C-15T Y Y 5.8445976648
Rifampicin Rv0667 rpoB D435F/V/Y/G/A Y Y 5.0402225732
Streptomycin Rv0682 rpsL K88R/M Y Y 4.16354931535
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB E504G/D N N 3.33103155053
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA W68L Y Y 2.7080502011
Pyrazinamide Rv2043c pncA H51P Y Y 2.7080502011
Rifampicin Rv0667 rpoB H445D/Y/R Y Y 2.52993515037
Streptomycin Rvnr01 rrs G1108C N N 1.71691080314
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB D1024N Y N 1.68763546921
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB D869G N N 1.68763546921
Ethambutol Rv3795 embB A505T N N 1.68763546921
Fluoroquinolones Rv0005 gyrB N538T Y Y 1.68478734968
Fluoroquinolones Rv0006 gyrA S91P Y Y 1.68478734968
Fluoroquinolones Rv0005 gyrB T539I N N 1.68478734968
Streptomycin Rvnr01 rrs A1401G Y N 1.28846347057
  1. Each row corresponds to one association, whereas the consecutive columns describe: drug name, gene identifier, gene name, mutation, association presence in the TBDReaMDB database, status indicating if the association is categorized as high confidence in TBDReaMDB, TGH score.