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Table 4 Over half (8) of the overlapped target genes are involved in neurological disease and nervous system function.

From: MicroRNA and messenger RNA profiling reveals new biomarkers and mechanisms for RDX induced neurotoxicity

Category Function Annotation P-value Molecules # Molecules
Neurological Disease granular cell tumor 1.98E-03 HMGCR 1
Neurological Disease Huntington's disease 2.04E-03 BANP, C5ORF13, HMGCR, ROCK2 4
Neurological Disease subarachnoid hemorrhage 2.98E-03 HMGCR 1
Neurological Disease neurofibromatosis 6.93E-03 HMGCR 1
Neurological Disease neurological disorder 1.11E-02 BANP, C5ORF13, HMGCR, LITAF, POLE4, ROCK2 6
Neurological Disease meningitis 1.68E-02 POLE4 1
Neurological Disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease 2.16E-02 LITAF 1
Neurological Disease medulloblastoma 3.90E-02 POLE4 1
Neurological Disease migration of brain cancer cell lines 4.09E-02 C5ORF13 1
Neurological Disease stroke 4.19E-02 HMGCR 1
Neurological Disease neuropathy 4.77E-02 HMGCR, LITAF 2
Nervous System Development and Function morphology of dendritic spines 9.89E-03 ROCK2 1
Nervous System Development and Function sprouting of neurites 2.07E-02 SULF1 1
Nervous System Development and Function differentiation of neurons 2.42E-02 C5ORF13, VGF 2
Nervous System Development and Function retraction of neurites 4.57E-02 ROCK2 1