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Figure 5

From: Mathematical model of the Tat-Rev regulation of HIV-1 replication in an activated cell predicts the existence of oscillatory dynamics in the synthesis of viral components

Figure 5

Kinetics of the Rev protein in the cell in relation to the oligomerization level in the complex with intron-containing viral mRNA and the provirus copy number in the genome. The model simulations in the absence of the Rev protein re-export from the nucleus and the complex formation of the Rev protein with the 9 kb RNAs and 4 kb RNAs in the cytoplasm. Upper panel corresponds to one proviral copy. Curve 1 corresponds to n Rev = 12, curve 2 is for n Rev = 10, curve 3 is for n Rev = 8, curve 4 is for n Rev = 6, curve 5 is for n Rev = 4, curve 6 is for n Rev = 3. Lower panel corresponds to 10 proviral copies. Curve 1 is for n Rev = 3 and curve 2 is for n Rev = 2. The vertical axis specifies the abundance of the free Rev molecules in the nucleus.

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