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Table 3 Estimates and 95% confidence intervals for affinity and cooperativity constants K and ω in a representative network.”

From: Sequence-based model of gap gene regulatory network

Parameter Value a b
K H 0.005731 5.663804e-03 5.798196e-03
K K 0.004891 4.705545e-03 5.076455e-03
K G 0.036382 3.604491e-02 3.671909e-02
K N 0.049862 4.933258e-02 5.039142e-02
K B 0.008036 7.944617e-03 8.127383e-03
K C 0.005595 5.547746e-03 5.642254e-03
K T 0.000223 2.106789e-04 2.353211e-04
K J 0.001347 1.180521e-03 1.513479e-03
ω H 5.000000 4.829196e+00 5.170804e+00
ω K 4.958060 -4.610752e+00 1.452687e+01
ω G 5.000000 4.499104e+00 5.500896e+00
ω N 1.000053 7.967040e-01 1.203402e+00
ω B 1.000012 9.202935e-01 1.079730e+00
ω C 1.000001 9.090420e-01 1.090960e+00
ω T 4.565639 7.928902e-02 9.051989e+00
ω J 1.132316 -2.311281e+01 2.537744e+01
  1. Left and right interval borders are presented in columns marked "a" and "b" respectively.