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Table 1 A comparative study of the physiochemical parameters of MAP1138c and H37Rv1411c (LprG) (*GRAVY (-ve) = hydrophilic nature and (+ve) = hydrophobic nature

From: In silico characterization of a putative ORF-MAP1138c of Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis(MAP) with its implications in virulence

Protein Molecular weight (kD) Amino acid composition Instability Index ( > 40 = unstable) Aliphatic Index Grand Average of Hydropathicity (GRAVY)*
MAP1138c 24.72 238 28.31(Stable) 89.33 -0.105
H37Rv1411c (LprG) 24.54 236 16.11(Stable) 86.86 -0.127