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Figure 3

From: Phylogenetic placement of metagenomic reads using the minimum evolution principle

Figure 3

Accuracy of new methods for varying sequence lengths. 3a) shows percentage of queries classified correctly by query length. The black line represents Phyclass and the gray line represents EPA. EPA accuracy exceeds that of Phyclass by an average of 3.9 percentage points correct for all query lengths tested. 3b) and 3c) show the decrease in mean branch distance (evolutionary distance between true placement and inferred placement) and mean node distance (number of tree nodes between true placement and inferred placement) , respectively, as query length increases. 3d) shows a comparison of accuracy rate between ordinary Phyclass (which uses p-distance) and Phyclass using a sophisticated distance measure (MCL + Γ). Except for the longest queries, P-distance provides better average classification rates.

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