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Table 1 Comparison of different gel analysis tools.

From: Automatic DNA Diagnosis for 1D Gel Electrophoresis Images using Bio-image Processing Technique

  Lane detecttion Curved Lane detection Band smiling effect correction Band detection Dendrogram
PyElph Yes (Auto) No Yes (Manual) Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto)
GelJ Yes (Auto) Yes (Manual)* Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto)
GelClust Yes (Auto) No Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto)
GelAnalyzer Yes (Auto) No Yes (Manual) Yes (Auto) No
GELect Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto) Yes (Auto) No
  1. Four free gel analysis software were compared in terms of their functions, namely lane detection, ability to detect curved lanes, ability to correct smile/frown effect, band detection and construction of dendrogram.
  2. * GelJ can perform curved lane detection using curvilinear models, e.g, cubic spline to assist user to manually draw lane boundaries.