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Table 1 19 RNA-seq datasets from SRA

From: IIIDB: a database for isoform-isoform interactions and isoform network modules

ID SRA ID # Exp Title
d1 ERP000546 48 Illumina bodyMap2 transcriptome
d2 SRP005169 41 Widespread splicing changes in human brain development and aging
d3 SRP005408 31 Gene expression profile in postmortem hippocampus using RNAseq for addicted human samples
d4 SRP010280 31 Integrative genome-wide analysis reveals cooperative regulation of alternative splicing by hnRNP proteins
d5 SRP002628 30 Comparative transcriptomic analysis of prostate cancer and matched normal tissue using RNA-seq
d6 ERP000550 29 Complete transcriptomic landscape of prostate cancer in the Chinese population using RNA-seq
d7 SRP005242 21 A Comparison of Single Molecule and Amplification Based Sequencing of Cancer Transcriptomes: RNA-Seq Comparison
d8 SRP002079 20 GSE20301: Dynamic transcriptomes during neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
d9 ERP000992 18 The effect of estrogen and progesterone and their antagonists in Ishikawa cell line compared to MCF7 and T47D cells
d10 SRP000727 16 Alternative Isoform Regulation in Human Tissue Transcriptomes
d11 SRP007338 16 GSE30017: Widespread regulated alternative splicing of single codons accelerates proteome evolution
d12 SRP010166 16 GSE34914: Deep Sequence Analysis of non-small cell lung cancer: Integrated analysis of gene expression, alternative splicing, and single nucleotide variations in lung adenocarcinomas with and without oncogenic KRAS mutations
d13 ERP000710 12 Transciptome profiling of ovarian cancer cell lines
d14 SRP005411 11 RNA-Seq Quantification of the Complete Transcriptome of Genes Expressed in the Small Airway Epithelium of Nonsmokers and Smokers
d15 SRP006731 11 GSE29155: RNA-Seq anlalysis of prostate cancer cell lines using Next Generation Sequencing
d16 SRP013224 11 GSE38006: Next-generation sequencing reveals HIV-1-mediated suppression of T cell activation and RNA processing and the regulation of non-coding RNA expression in a CD4+ T cell line
d17 ERP000418 10 Gene expression profiles between normal and breast tumor genomes
d18 ERP000573 10 RNA and chromatin structure
d19 SRP010483 10 GSE35296: The human pancreatic islet transcriptome: impact of pro-inflammatory cytokines