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Table 3 Co-factors found by MOST+

From: MOST+: A de novo motif finding approach combining genomic sequence and heterogeneous genome-wide signatures

TF Co-factors uniquely found by MOST+ Co-factors both found by DREME and MOST+ Co-factors uniquely found by DREME
CTCF E2F3a, Myf   Myc, GABPA, STAT
ESRRB Myfa, Sp1a, Srf Klf4a STAT3, Oct4, Myc, Sox2
KLF4 FEVa, CREB, CTCFa, Egr1a Esrrb, STAT3, sp1a, Sox2, Oct4 Oct4, Gata3,Myc, Zfp161a
Oct4 GABPAa, Zfxa, CTCFa, Stat3, sp1a Sox2a, Esrrba, Klf4a CREB/ATF
cMyc CREBa, GABPAa, Klf4a, Sox2, YY1a STAT3a Egr1a
nMyc Elf3a, GABPAa, Zfp161a, CREB/ATFa STAT3, Smad1, sfpid
SMAD1 Sp1a, Sox11a, REST, FEV,Spib Sox2a, Oct4a, Klf4a,Esrrba Zic3a, Zfp740a
E2F1 Sp1a, Myf, GABPAa STAT3a, CREB/ATF Myca, FOX
NANOG   Zic3a, Klf4a, Esrrba Elf5a, Tead1
SOX2 Sox10a, CTCFa, Myfa, Runx1a Oct4a, Klf4a, Esrrba Zic3a, STAT3
STAT3 Zic3a, Jundm2, FEVa Esrrba, Klf4a, Oct4, Sox2, sp1a Myc, Irf4
TCFCP2L1 Sox4a, Zic3a, Myf Klf4a, Esrrba, Sox2,Oct4, Sp1a Egr1a, Foxa, Myc, Tead1, CREB/ATF, STAT3
ZFX Myfa, Egr1a, sp1a STAT3 Myca, Esrrb
  1. a Supported by CisFinder or HOMER
  2. Columns 2-4: Co-factors found by 2) MOST+ only; 3) both MOST+ and DREME; and 4) DREME only for each dataset. When more than one motifs in the database were aligned, only the one with lowest p-value was counted.