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Table 5 IL-8-tumor related genes (Zscore >= 3 and EST clone >= 100). Total Clones: The total number of clones from all cDNA libraries. IL-8 Tumor Clones: The number of clones from IL-8-tumor tissue. These are sorted by the ratio of IL-8-tumor clones/total clones and given a gene id (IT-1, IT-2, ..., IT-42).

From: A reference database for tumor-related genes co-expressed with interleukin-8 using genome-scale in silico analysis

Gene ID Definition# IL-8 Tumor Clones/Total Clones (%)
IT-1 kruppel-like factor 2 (SW:Q9Y5W3) 70
IT-2 gw112 protein (GI:11544538) 68
IT-3 presenilin 1 (SW:P49768) 65
IT-4 claudin-3 (SW:O15551) 47
IT-5 similar to EGP314 (GI:6678752) 43
IT-6 lumican (SW:P51884) 42
IT-7 nonspecific crossreacting antigen precursor (GI:88276) 41
IT-8 complement factor B (GI:291922) 40
IT-9 transgelin 2 (SW:P37802) 40
IT-10 neural proliferation, differentiation and control protein-1 (SW:Q9NQX5) 39
IT-11 similar to atrophin-1(GI:1732417) 38
IT-12 immunoglobulin mu chain (GI:553361) 37
IT-13 hypothetical protein (GI:6807713) 37
IT-14 hypothetical protein (GI:6807932) 36
IT-15 alpha-1 type III collagen (GI:180414) 36
IT-16 heparan sulfate proteoglycan perlecan (GI:11602963) 35
IT-17 immunoglobulin alpha-1 heavy chain constant region (GI:184749) 35
IT-18 secreted apoptosis related protein 1 (GI:2415415) 32
IT-19 anterior gradient 2 (Xenopus laevis) homolog (GI:3779197) 31
IT-20 elongation factor 1-alpha 1 (SW:P10126) 31
IT-21 signal recognition particle 9 kd protein (SW:P49458) 31
IT-22 similar to CDK5 activator-binding protein C53 (GI:10435740) 31
IT-23 alpha-2-macroglobulin (SW:P01023) 31
IT-24 beta-2-microglobulin (GI:179318) 30
IT-25 vascular endothelial growth factor (GI:3712669) 30
IT-26 unknown 30
IT-27 similar to UNC-93 (GI:4263743) 30
IT-28 human C4 complement (GI:387438) 30
IT-29 t-complex protein 1, eta subunit (SW:Q99832) 29
IT-30 plasma protease C1 inhibitor (SW:P05155) 28
IT-31 tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 (SW:P19438) 28
IT-32 DRAL gene product (GI:1160932) 28
IT-33 unknown 28
IT-34 AF-6 (GI:3452572) 28
IT-35 ubiquitin (SW:P02248) 27
IT-36 unnamed protein product (GI:7023247) 27
IT-37 45 kda calcium-binding protein (SW:Q61112) 27
IT-38 ERF-2 (GI:509778) 27
IT-39 E74-like factor 3 (GI:1754538) 26
IT-40 connective tissue growth factor (GI:984956) 26
IT-41 mouse phospholipase D3 (GI:7242181) 25
IT-42 KIAA1536 protein (GI:7959339) 25
  1. # SW: Swissprot accession, GI: GenBank Identifier.