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Table 2 Table of patient sample numbers and genotyping accuracy.

From: High accuracy genotyping directly from genomic DNA using a rolling circle amplification based assay

Assay Number of Individual Samples Mutant:Hetero:Normal Single Assay Accuracy Observed Assay Accuracy in Triplicate
Factor V Leiden 13:98:105 99.5% 100%
Hemochromatosis C282Y 13:93:84 99.5% 100%
Hemochromatosis H63D 1:48:89 99.5% 100%
Factor II Prothrombin 2:12:284 99.4% 100%
  1. For each of the assays (column 1) the number of different samples screened are grouped according to genotype (column 2). Mutant (homozygous mutant), heterozygous, normal (homozygous normal). The accuracy obtained for each single genotyping assay is shown in column three. The observed genotyping accuracy for the samples as tested in triplicate is shown in column four.