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Table 1 Genes encoded within 2 Mb of JA04 in order from telomere (top) to centromere.

From: A transcription map of the 6p22.3 reading disability locus identifying candidate genes

Gene Gene Size (kb) MRNA Accession # # of Exons Mapping Source Function
FLJ12671 15.885 NM_030980 3 This paper Function unknown
HNRPA1 (pseudogene) 1.813 XM_031157 1 This paper Functions as carriers for RNA during export to the cytoplasm
P24 21.142 AF418980 5 This paper Transmembrane protein; may have a role in vesicular trafficking
RU2AS 79.995 AF181722 7 [46] Cellular defense response
MRS2L 20.629 XM_041317 11 NT_017021a Transporter protein
GPLD1 61.339 XM_041310 25 [47] Hydrolyzes inositol-PO4 linkage in proteins anchored by phosphatidylinositol glycans
SSADH 39.639 NM_001080 10 [48] Required for 4-aminobutyric acid degradation
KIAA0319 102.051 XM_011367 21 NT_017021a Function unknown
Cytokeratin 8 2.206 XM_069402 2 This paper Regulation of exocrine pancreas homeostasis
TRAF 16.902 AF223469 7 [49] Inhibits NF-KappaB activation
HT012 34.662 AF220186 3 NT_017021a Uncharacterized hypothalamus protein
FLJ12619 14.192 XM_041290 5 NT_017021a Function unknown
AP3 1.667 BC000804 3 This paper May be involved in intracellular protein transport
Geminin 11.086 NM_015895 9 NT_017021a Inhibits DNA replication during cell cycle S, G2, and M phase
KIAA0386 106.682 AB002384 23 NT_017021a Stimulates the formation of a non-specific multinucleate syncytium from proliferative cytotrophoblasts during trophoblast differentiation
Cyclophilin A 0.81 XM_098483 2 NT_017021a May to be involved in protein folding and/or intracellular protein transport
ASSP2 (pseudogene) 1.954 XM_000845 1 This paper Catalyzes the ATP-dependent ligation of citrulline to aspartate, forms argininosuccinate in the urea cycle
CMAH 56.489 XM_041278 15 [50] Converts the nucleotide sugar donor N-acetylneuraminic acid to N-glycolylneuraminic acid
NUP50 1.737 XM_018531 1 NT_017021a Allows bi-directional transport of macromolecules through the nuclear envelope
UBE2D2 1.732 XM_030770 1 This paper Modifies proteins with ubiquitin for degradation
RPS10 1.428 XM_069039 2 This paper Ribosomal protein
  1. a The gene has been mapped on NCBI accession NT_017021 but no citation is present