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Figure 1

From: Sensitivity and fidelity of DNA microarray improved with integration of Amplified Differential Gene Expression (ADGE)

Figure 1

Composite images of ADGE microarray and regular microarray. The clones corresponding to the contiguous area of twelve spots (3 × 4) were amplified by using PCR with the primers having a Taq I site at the end. After cut with Taq I , the same amount of DNA for each clone was ligated to the CT and TT adapters. The CT and TT adapter-linked DNA fragments were mixed in ratios of 1:1 for the three clones of the first column, 1:2 for the clones of the second column, 1:3 for the clones of the third column, 1:4 for the clones of the fourth column. The top panel is the result of ADGE microarray while the bottom panel is the result of regular microarray. The ratios are represented by Cy5 (green) to Cy3 (red) and normalized with the value of clones in the first column. The detected ratios are averages of three spots in each column.

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