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Table 2 Differential ESTs related to response to biotic and/or abiotic stress

From: Differential representation of sunflower ESTs in enriched organ-specific cDNA libraries in a small scale sequencing project

ANa GO IDb GO functional definitionb ANc BLASTX hitd E value
BU671794 GO:0000238 Phosphoethanolamine N methytransferase Q944HO Putative phosphoethanolamine N methytrans 2.00E-26
BU671801 GO:0004332 Fructose biphosphate aldolase Q9SXX5 Plastidic aldolase 2.00E-91
BU671803 GO:0042027 Cyclophilin-type peptidy-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Q9M530 Cyclophilin (EC (Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase) (PPIase) 3.00E-18
BU671805 GO:0008246 Electron transfer flavoprotein Q39640 Glycolate oxidase 2E-94
BU671807 GO:0004553 Hydrolase Q9M473 Putative-beta 1,3-glucanase 5.00E-38
BU671832 GO:0003773 Heat shock protein Q02028 Stromal 70 kDa heat shock-related protein 3.00E-27
BU671840 GO:0004096 Catalase P45739 Catalase 1.00E-95
BU671841 GO:0004332 Fructose biphodphata aldolase P93565 homologous to plastidic aldolases 3.00E-21
BU671845 GO:0000287 Magnesium binding Q93WE2 Magnesium chelatase subunit 4.00E-36
BU671864 GO:0004332 Fructose-bisphosphate aldolase Q9SXX5 Plastidic aldolase 1.00E-54
BU671866 GO:0009058 Biosynthesis Q39049 Magnesium chelatase subunit. 4E-16
BU671867 GO:0030145 Magnesium binding Q943W1 Oxygen-evolving enhancer protein 1 2.00E-92
BU671886 GO:0004299 Proteasome endopeptidase O23708 Proteasome subunit alpha type 2 2.00E-17
BU671887 GO:0005215 Transporter Q9ZR68 Aquaporin 1 2.00E-84
BU671888 GO:0004553 Hydrolase, hydrolyzing O-glycosyl compounds Q9M453 Putative beta-1,3-glucanase. 3.00E-58
BU671889 GO:0030145 Manganese binding O48999 Germin-like protein 3 2.00E-35
BU671904 GO:0004564 Beta-fructofuranosidase O81985 1,2-beta-fructan 1F-fructosyltransferase 2.00E-51
BU671906 GO:0005489 Electron transport Q94L58 Polygalacturonase inhibitor protein 3.00E-39
BU671909 GO:0016068 Immediate hypersensitivity response Q93YX9 Lipid transfer protein 1.00E-37
BU671910 GO:0016068 Immediate hypersensitivity response Q9M6B8 Lipid transfer protein 2.00E-15
BU671924 GO:0004197 Cysteine-type endopeptidase Q8VWS1 Putative cysteine proteinase 4.00E-42
BU671928 GO:0003755 Peptidyl-prolyl cis-trans isomerase Q8L5T1 Peptidylprolyl isomerase (Cyclophilin) 3.00E-18
BU671929 GO:0004222 Metalloendopeptidase O22941 Putative zinc protease 1.00E-61
BU671944 GO:0005509 Calcium ion binding O49301 T26J12.7 protein. 7.00E-13
BU671955 GO:0009607 Response to biotic stimulus P13046 Pathogenesis-related protein R major form 3.00E-34
BU671960 GO:0004766 Spermidine synthase 48658 Spermidine synthase 1 (EC 1.00E-21
BU671972 GO:0008168 Methyltransferase Q9LW67 Ankyrin-like protein 7.00E-33
BU671989 GO:0004601 Peroxidase O64970 Cationic peroxidase 2 1.00E-40
BU671977 GO:0005489 Electron transporter O04002 Chloroplast drought-induced stress protein of 32 kDa 6.00E-41
BU672016 GO:0004867 Serine protease inhibitor Q8LNY0 Protease inhibitor 2 2.00E-13
BU672055 GO:0004869 Cysteine protease inhibitor Q9MB08 Multicystatin. 2.00E-12
BU672102 GO:0005489 Electron transporter O04002 Chloroplast drought-induced stress protein of 32 kDa 2,00E-56
BU672106 GO:0004124 Cysteine synthase Q8Y0X6 Probable cysteine synthase B (CSASE B) protein (EC 9.00E-21
  1. a GenBank accession number of ESTs from the present study. b Identification number and functional definition according to GO annotation c The GenBank accession number of most similar sequence to the sunflower EST. d Similarity search was conducted using BLASTX program. EST putative function was assigned according to the highest similar sequence on GenBank.