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Table 2 Description of acronyms: Description and Pfam/SMART accession numbers (if available) of acronyms used throughout the text and in Table S1 are given. Column "conserved" refers to classification in conserved ZF-families (ZF-fam) and/or non-finger domains (NFD).

From: Conservation, diversification and expansion of C2H2 zinc finger proteins in the Arabidopsis thaliana genome

Acronym Description Pfam SMART conserved
ANK Ankyrin repeat PF00023 SM00248 NFD
C3H C3H1 zinc finger PF00642 SM00356 NFD
CHROMO CHRomatin Organisation MOdifier PF00385 SM00298 NFD domain
DNAJ Dnaj molecular chaperone domain PF00226 SM00271 NFD/ZF-fam
DUF537 Plant family of unknown function PF04396 - NFD
DUF627 Plant family of unknown function PF04781 - NFD
DUF629 Plant family of unknown function PF04780 - NFD
E7 E7cadherine binding protein family - - ZF-fam
EXO3 Exonuclease domain PF00929 SM00479 NFD
FZFnew New ZFP family FZF - - ZF-fam
G-patch G-patch domain PF01585 SM00443 NFD
HLH Helix-loop-helix domain PF00010 SM00353 NFD
IPPT IPP transferase family PF01715 - NFD/ZF-fam
JmjC Jumonji domain, C-terminal part PF02373 SM00558 NFD
JmjN Jumonji domain, N-terminal part PF02375 SM00545 NFD
KIN17 KIN17 family - - ZF-fam
KOW Kyprides, Ouzounis, Woese motif PF00467 SM00739 NFD
MBD Methyl-CpG binding domain PF01429 SM00391 NFD
OTU OTU-like cysteine protease PF02338 - NFD
PHD PHD zinc finger PF00628 SM00249 NFD
PreSet N-terminal to some SET domains - SM00468 NFD
PRMT3 Ribosomal protein L11 methyl-transferase (PrmA)family PF06325 - NFD/ZF-fam
PUG Domain in protein kinases - SM00580 NFD
RING zf-C3HC4 or RING finger PF00097 SM00184 NFD
RRM RNA recognition motif PF00076 SM00360 NFD
SAP61 Splicosome associated protein 61/PRP9 family - - ZF-fam
SAP62 Splicosome associated protein 62/PRP11 family - - ZF-fam
SAS MOZ/SAS family PF01853 - NFD/ZF-fam
SE Serrate family - - ZF-fam
SET SET domain PF00856 SM00317 NFD
TF3A Transcription factor IIIA family - - ZF-fam
U1-ZF U1-like zinc finger PF06220 SM00451 NFD
UBA UBA/TS-N domain (ubiquitin associated domain) PF00627 SM00165 NFD
UBX UBX domain PF00789 SM00166 NFD
UPF0023 Uncharacterized protein family PF01172 - NFD
VEF VRN2-EMF2-FIS2 family - - ZF-fam
YY1 Ying Yang 1 family - - ZF-fam
ZF-AN1 AN1-like zinc finger PF01428 SM00154 NFD
ZP207SF ZFP207 family - - ZF-fam