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Table 1 Apis mellifera Open Reading frame ESTs.

From: The use of Open Reading frame ESTs (ORESTES) for analysis of the honey bee transcriptome

Sequencing results Number of reads
Total analyzed reads 5021
- Embryos 1358
- Larval stages 720
- Pupae 1219
- Adults 1479
- Stage mix 245
Local alignment matches  
- Apis ESTs from dbEST 1769a
- Apis mellifera sequences in GenBank 16*b
- Genes of other organisms (orthologs) 1123b
- No matches in GenBank 2129
Clusterization results  
- Number of contigs 488
- Number of singlets 893
- Total number of clusters 1381
  1. aBLASTN against dbEST using an E-score of 10-30 as cutoff value; bBLASTX against the nr database used <10-15 as the cutoff. *This set is also represented by ESTs in the dbEST database. It is included here as additional information only and is not to be summed up with the other matches.