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Table 1 General transcription factors predicted in Plasmodium falciparum

From: Prediction of the general transcription factors associated with RNA polymerase II in Plasmodium falciparum: conserved features and differences relative to other eukaryotes

Factors H. sapiens S. cerevisiae P. falciparum Nuclear signals prediction Expression pattern
     NLS NES Micro-array Proteomic data
TFIIA α P52655 P32773 (TOA1) MAL7P1.78 + - - G -
TFIIA β        
TFIIA γ P52657 P32774 (TOA2) PFL2435w *+ - - T,Sc -
    PFI1630 * + - G -
TFIIB Q00403 P29055 PFA0525w - - All stages -
TFIID TBP P20226 P13393 PFE0305w - - R -
TFIID TAF1 P21675 (TAF250) P46677 (TAF145) PFL1645w + - S,LT S,G
TFIID TAF2 gi:4507347 (TAF150) P23255 (TAF150) MAL7P1.134 + + R,T S
TFIID TAF5 Q15542 (TAF100) P38129 (TAF90) ?     
TFIID TAF7 Q15545 (TAF55) Q05021 (TAF67) PFI1425w + + R,S -
TFIID TAF14 P42568 (ENL/AF-9) P35189 (TAF30) ?     
TFIID TAF4 O00268 (TAF135) P50105 (TAF48) ?     
TFIID TAF12 Q16514 (TAF20) Q03761 (TAF68/61) ?     
TFIID TAF6 P49848 (TAF80) P53040 (TAF60) ?     
TFIID TAF9 Q16594 (TAF31) Q05027 (TAF17) ?     
TFIID TAF11 Q15544 (TAF28) Q04226 (TAF40) ?     
TFIID TAF13 Q15543 (TAF18) P11747 (TAF19) ?     
TFIID TAF3 gi:13374079 (TAF140) Q12297 (TAF47) ?     
TFIID TAF8 gi:31323620 (TAF43) Q03750 (TAF65) ?     
TFIID TAF10 Q12962 (TAF30) Q12030 (TAF25) PFE1110w - + R, Sc -
TFIIE α P29083 P36100 MAL7P1.86 + + + Sc -
TFIIE β P29084 P36145 MAL13P1.360 * + - ND -
TFIIF α P35269 (RAP74) P41895 (Tfg1) ?     
TFIIF β P13984 (RAP30) P41896(Tfg2) PF11_0458 * - + R,G -
TFIIH core p62/TFB1 P32780 (p62) P32776 (TFB1) MAL3P7.42 *+ (Chr3.phat_258) + + R,T -
TFIIH core p52/TFB2 Q92759 (p52) gi:6325135 (TFB2) PFL2125c + + R,T,Sc -
TFIIH core p44/SSL1 Q13888 (p44) Q04673 (SSL1) MAL13P1.76 + + R,T -
TFIIH core p34/TFB4 Q13889 (p34) Gi:6325313 PF13_0279 - + T -
TFIIH core TFB5 Gi:55665883 Gi:13129164 PF14_0398 - - R, T, G -
TFIIH core XPB/SSL2-RAD25 P19447 (XPB) Q00578 (SSL2/RAD25) PF10_0369 + - G S
TFIIH XPD/RAD3 P18074 (XPD) P06839 (RAD3) PFI1650w + + R,T,G G
TFIIH CAK MAT1/TFB3 P51948 (MAT1) Gi:6320668 (TFB3) PFE0610c + - R,T -
TFIIH CAK Cdk7/KIN28 P50613 (CDK7) P06242 (KIN28) ? $     
TFIIH CAK Cyclin H/CCL1 P51946 (cyclin H) P37366 (CCL1) ? $     
  1. The general transcription factors which were identified in this report are underlined and shown in bold; * and + indicate similarities which were identified in this report after assessing PSI-BLAST marginal similarities at the sequence 2D level or after extending the comparison at the 2D level outside the limits primarily defined by PSI-BLAST, respectively. The Swiss-Prot accession numbers are given for the human and yeast sequences. When a Swiss-Prot identifier is not available, the genbank identifier (gi) is indicated in italics instead. The references of the human TAF3 and TAF8 sequences can be found in [50] and [100], respectively. $ : see text for comments on these putative homologues of Cdk7/KIN28 and cyclin H/CCL1. The presence of nuclear localization sequences (NLS 102), nuclear export sequences (NES [103]), and the expression of these predicted general transcription factors using microarray and proteomics on different parasite stages ([9–11, 89]) are indicated. G: gametocyte, T: trophozoite, LT: late trophozoite, Sc: schizonte, R: ring, (-): absent, (+): present, (?): cannot be found.