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Table 6 Xenopus Long Open Reading Frames (>= 600 nt) without homology to major model organism protein sequences. ORF sequences were compared to all available EST data using TBLASTN. The 46 sequences shown here have homologies to ESTs from other organisms (E < 0.01). For each TC, the number of ESTs in the TC and the accession, SignalP and TMHMM results, and description and E-value of the best hit is shown. Additionally (not shown here), both signal peptides and transmembrane domains could be predicted in: clSignal peptides only in: cl4857_sin8, cl11312_sin2, cl11866_ctg2, cl14117_ctg1, cl16548_ctg1, cl19372_ctg2; Transmembrane domains only in: cl3994_ctg1, vimsin144578, cl18799_ctg1, cl18978_ctg1, cl18978_ctg2, cl25690_ctg1, cl23256_ctg1.

From: XenDB: Full length cDNA prediction and cross species mapping in Xenopus laevis

Contig/ORF #ESTs Accession SignalP TM Description (best hit) E-value
cl9703_ctg1_1 53 CN060851    Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum 5.00E-112
cl15798_ctg1_1 4 CN061938    Ambystoma tigrinum tigrinum 6.00E-53
cl9914_ctg1_1 11 BX864357    Oncorhynchus mykiss 4.00E-45
vmsin143901_1 1 CK600275    Rattus norvegicus 4.00E-43
cl10823_ctg1_1 3 CA471690    Danio rerio 5.00E-39
cl2563_ctg2_1 10 AV913994    Hordeum vulgare subsp. Vulgare 9.00E-35
cl1723_ctg1_1 12 BU129000    Gallus gallus 2.00E-34
vmsin213651_1 1 CD218114    Gallus gallus 7.00E-30
cl15560_ctg1_1 3 CK871392    Danio rerio 2.00E-24
cl10197_ctg1_1 3 CA975598    Danio rerio 2.00E-22
cl11603_ctg1_1 4 AJ456928    Gallus gallus 7.00E-22
cl2506_ctg1_1 7 BJ494402    Oryzias latipes 3.00E-19
vmsin144578_1 1 BU241764    Gallus gallus 1.00E-17
cl24411_ctg1_1 2 BW379961    Ciona intestinalis 2.00E-16
cl25096_ctg1_1 2 BX269216    Gallus gallus 5.00E-16
vmsin117573_1 1 BU114361    Gallus gallus 3.00E-14
vmsin141365_1 1 BI385350    Amphioxus Branchiostoma fl. 3.00E-14
vmsin275700_1 1 CN024469    Danio rerio 4.00E-14
cl5895_ctg1_1 12 BX870166    Oncorhynchus mykiss 6.00E-14
cl18998_ctg1_1 2 BW156550    Ciona intestinalis 8.00E-13
cl5042_ctg1_1 14 CN316430    Danio rerio 3.00E-12
cl9402_ctg2_1 2 AJ448952    Gallus gallus 2.00E-11
cl19097_ctg1_1 4 CN023422 yes   Danio rerio 2.00E-09
cl4943_ctg1_1 4 AJ450094    Gallus gallus 5.00E-09
cl19576_ctg1_1 2 BX862425    Oncorhynchus mykiss 4.00E-08
vmsin9176_1 1 CO051215    Leucoraja erinacea 1.00E-07
cl5371_ctg1_1 9 CD295994    Strongylocentrotus purpuratus 5.00E-07
cl10375_ctg1_1 9 BU133150 yes   Gallus gallus 7.00E-07
cl3127_ctg2_1 19 CF577195    Saccharum sp. 2.00E-05
vmsin5140_1 1 BM265659    Danio rerio 6.00E-05
cl15473_ctg1_1 8 CN502421    Danio rerio 7.00E-05
cl3097_ctg2_1 30 CA374396    Oncorhynchus mykiss 8.00E-05
cl9923_ctg1_1 2 DAA01768    Lytechinus variegatus 1.00E-04
cl15340_ctg1_1 14 CN180033 yes 1 Danio rerio 3.00E-04
cl11246_ctg1_1 6 BX302229    Oncorhynchus mykiss 5.00E-04
cl4857_ctg3_1 7 BF718744    Homo sapiens 6.00E-04
cl18267_ctg1_1 2 AAS58046    Babesia bovis 0.001
cl5917_ctg1_1 6 CN004343    Canis familiaris 0.002
cl9934_ctg1_1 4 CD740019 yes 2 Gallus gallus 0.002
cl3233_ctg1_3 12 CN506386 yes 5 Danio rerio 0.003
cl22258_ctg1_1 2 BM485921    Gallus gallus 0.004
cl14723_ctg1_1 3 BF037758    Homo sapiens 0.005
cl5206_ctg1_1 9 BG166355    Homo sapiens 0.005
cl5199_ctg2_1 8 BM627372 yes 1 Anopheles gambiae 0.006
vmsin18077_1 1 BX877871 yes 1 Oncorhynchus mykiss 0.007
cl5686_ctg1_1 2 BG783827    Strongylocentrotus purpuratus 0.008