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Table 7 Homeobox genes in X. laevis: for each HOX gene the corresponding cluster and TC is shown, as well as the most 5' clone in the assembly and the protein accession number, if available. When X. laevis genes were not identified, an identifier corresponding X. tropicalis sequence is provided.

From: XenDB: Full length cDNA prediction and cross species mapping in Xenopus laevis

IPI Accession Description Xenopus cluster/contig FASTY e-value BLASTX e-value FL Clone Protein Accession
IPI00027694 HOX-A1. cluster:4123 contig:1 4.0e-85 1.99E-99 5536792 AAH44984
IPI00012049 HOX-A2. cluster:7495 contig:1 4.1e-130 7.64E-145 3556495 AAG30508
IPI00012050 HOX-A3. cluster:10945 contig:1 6.5e-91 2.89E-111 4683538 AAH41731
IPI00020926 HOX-A4. fgenesh.C_1023000005     
IPI00302291 HOX-A5. cluster:25739 contig:1 6.9e-44 1.27E-38   
IPI00010742 HOX-A6. fgenesh.C_1023000003     
IPI00010743 HOX-A7. cluster:3210 contig:1 5.8e-40 1.17E-64 XL071e19 AAA49753
IPI00010744 HOX-A9. vm_singlet:264323 1.2e-33 3.48E-29   
IPI00010731 HOX-A10. fgenesh.C_1487000003     
IPI00010754 HOX-A11. cluster:6499 contig:1 7.2e-42 Was C11 XL088b06  
IPI00305850 HOX-A13. vm_singlet:174355 3.8e-57 1.22E-97   
IPI00294724 HOX-B1. fgenesh.C_2225000001     
IPI00027261 HOX-B2. fgenesh.C_2225000002     
IPI00027259 HOX-B3. fgenesh.C_2225000003     
IPI00014540 HOX-B4. cluster:22503 contig:1 1.2e-27    
IPI00012514 HOX-B5. vm_singlet:57425 8.5e-35 3.92E-59   
IPI00015075 HOX-B6. cluster:2339 contig:1 6.2e-42 2.52E-72 XL098k02  
IPI00172584 HOX-B7. cluster:1985 singlet:1 2.6e-65 8.16E-77 4201615 P04476
IPI00014536 HOX-B8. cluster:16406 contig:1 2.8e-28 9.90E-43   
IPI00014539 HOX-B9. cluster:8543 contig:1 4.0e-30 1.05E-50 XL069k06 P31272
IPI00030703 HOX-B10. cluster:24736 contig:1 5.6e-48 6.95E-74   
IPI00295561 HOX-C4. fgenesh.C_202000010     
IPI00022893 HOX-C5. vm_singlet:33065 1.5e-41 6.14E-32   
IPI00015921 HOX-C6. cluster:9871 singlet:1 4.2e-93 3.16E-109 4202432 P02832
IPI00010756 HOX-C8. cluster:11257 contig:1 5.2e-95 9.74E-118 XL045l21 AAB71818
IPI00010757 HOX-C9. fgenesh.C_202000007     
IPI00020947 HOX-C10. cluster:3243 contig:1 1.3e-51 1.63E-127 4970594 AAO25534
IPI00011610 HOX-C11. fgenesh.C_202000005     
IPI00010758 HOX-C12. vm_singlet:240042 2.4e-46 2.75E-22   
IPI00010759 HOX-C13. cluster:21388 contig:1 2.0e-80 5.86E-89 XL064e01  
IPI00001551 HOX-D1. cluster:9419 contig:1 2.5e-50 1.68E-65 3475513 AAA49745
IPI00215882 HOX-D3. cluster:4099 contig:1 2.6e-114 3.48E-121 4684054  
IPI00012390 HOX-D4. cluster:21685 contig:1 7.1e-67 7.99E-83 5571854 AAQ95789
IPI00008481 HOX-D8. cluster:11793 contig:1 5.8e-62 2.08E-74 5543040 AAH60408
IPI00292734 HOX-D9. cluster:13847 contig:1 6.5e-38 5.28E-55 XL045k22 CAC44973
IPI00292735 HOX-D10. cluster:6503 contig:1 3.8e-135 3.97E-143 4032032 CAC44974
IPI00305856 HOX-D11. fgenesh.C_1333000003     
IPI00018803 HOX-D12. missing     
IPI00018806 HOX-D13. cluster:13386 contig:1 1.7e-93 2.17E-112 3399571 AAO25535