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Table 2 The genes involved in proteolytic degradation up-regulated in the ssa1/2 deletion mutant.

From: The stress response against denatured proteins in the deletion of cytosolic chaperones SSA1/2 is different from heat-shock response in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Gene name Expression level* Description
CDC23 3.7 Cell division cycle protein
PRE1 3.0 22.6 kDa proteasome subunit (20S proteasome subunit C11 (beta4))
UBC4 2.8 Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme
RPN4 2.6 Ubiquitin-mediated 26S proteasome subunit
MET30 2.5 Met30p contains 5 copies of WD40 motif and interacts with and regulates Met4p
SCL1 2.4 20S proteasome subunit YC7alpha/Y8 (protease yscE subunit 7)
PBI2 2.3 Proteinase inhibitor that inhibits protease Prb1p (yscB)
RPN12 2.0 26S proteasome regulatory subunit
  1. *The expression levels are the average value of three independent experiments.