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Table 1 Selected GO terms significantly enriched toward high 2 kb upstream alignment scores. P-values are Bonferroni-corrected. b,m,c represents GO hierarchy (b:biological process, m:molecular function, and c:cellular component). mean: mean alignment score. The mean alignment score for all the genes analyzed is 411.01.

From: Genes involved in complex adaptive processes tend to have highly conserved upstream regions in mammalian genomes

GO accession GO term definition p-value mean # genes
GO:0007275 b development 2.69E-48 860.98 1432
GO:0009653 b morphogenesis 2.82E-47 898.06 949
GO:0009887 b organogenesis 1.50E-42 911.47 765
GO:0048513 b organ development 1.50E-42 911.47 765
GO:0007154 b cell communication 8.30E-38 799.48 2473
GO:0007165 b signal transduction 4.61E-24 791.28 1969
GO:0007399 b neurogenesis 7.04E-22 945.20 322
GO:0003700 m transcription factor activity 1.63E-20 892.63 673
GO:0050877 b neurophysiological process 4.29E-09 836.34 435
GO:0019226 b transmission of nerve impulse 7.07E-06 888.41 197
GO:0007268 b synaptic transmission 1.07E-05 889.12 192
GO:0016055 b Wnt receptor signaling pathway 4.19E-04 989.45 78