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Table 2 GO terms significantly enriched toward low 2 kb upstream alignment scores. P-values are Bonferroni-corrected. b,m,c represents GO hierarchy (b:biological process, m:molecular function, and c:cellular component). mean: mean alignment score. The mean alignment score for all the genes analyzed is 411.01.

From: Genes involved in complex adaptive processes tend to have highly conserved upstream regions in mammalian genomes

GO accession GO term description p-value mean # genes
GO:0005840 c ribosome 2.74E-05 501.18 154
GO:0030529 c ribonucleoprotein complex 2.69E-04 551.19 269
GO:0008270 m zinc ion binding 3.03E-04 639.02 1089
GO:0003723 m RNA binding 9.62E-04 579.31 410
GO:0003735 m structural constituent of ribosome 1.21E-03 531.85 174
GO:0046914 m transition metal ion binding 6.70E-03 647.13 1229
GO:0006952 b defense response 1.86E-02 612.35 694
GO:0044249 b cellular biosynthesis 2.00E-02 622.59 805
GO:0005739 c mitochondrion 2.71E-02 610.17 529
GO:0003824 m catalytic activity 3.43E-02 661.43 3900
GO:0009058 b biosynthesis 3.92E-02 625.43 840