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Table 1 Fraction sizes and number of sequences for the gills and intestine cDNA libraries

From: An EST-based approach for identifying genes expressed in the intestine and gills of pre-smolt Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)

Library fraction Mean insert sizeb Clones seq.c Good seq.c Unique seq.c Annotated seq.c
Gills 5 1,500 bp     
Gills 6 900 bp     
Gills 7 700 bp 4128 3015   
Intestine 4 1,300 bp     
Intestine 5 1,050 bp     
Intestine 6 730 bp 4128 3247   
Total     2974 1005
  1. a The numbers after the tissue type indicate when the cDNA was collected from the column, the lowest numbers being eluted first. The mean insert sizes are given in the second column
  2. b Shown in base pairs
  3. c Seq. is an abbreviation of sequence