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Table 1 The BBP cDNA sequences found from the database and theoretical biochemical characters of the putative BBP proteins. Numbering of the sequences according to avidin sequence.

From: Chicken genome analysis reveals novel genes encoding biotin-binding proteins related to avidin family

  BBP-A BBP-B Method
N-glyc (rank) 17NMTI20 (9/9) 74NATT77 (5/9) NetNglycb
Molecular mass (Da)a 13845.8 16404.5 ProtParamc
pIa 9.75 5.88 ProtParam
Number of residuesa 124 148 ProtParam
Extinction coeff. (280 nm)a 24160 35660 ProtParam
  1. aThe signal sequence is cut at the most probable cleavage site according to prediction and published N-terminal sequences [4] (BBP-A: 1/2 AS-RKCE; BBP-B: -2/-1 TP-VERK).
  2. b[54]
  3. c[53]