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Table 1 Biological themes enriched in genes detected only in tissue

From: Gene expression profile of cervical tissue compared to exfoliated cells: Impact on biomarker discovery

  Gene Category # of Genes EASE score
Molecular Function Structural molecule activity 228 2.27E-07
  Structural constituent of ribosome 78 4.21E-05
  Extracellular matrix structural constituent 38 4.12E-04
  Monovalent cation \:proton antiporter activity 7 3.90E-03
  Sodium \:hydrogen antiporter activity 7 3.90E-03
  Transcriptional repressor activity 18 1.31E-02
  Voltage-gated sodium channel activity 9 1.58E-02
  Cation \:cation antiporter activity 8 2.24E-02
Cellular Component Large ribosomal subunit 23 1.06E-03
  Ribosome 90 2.20E-03
  Cytosolic ribosome 24 6.14E-03
  Cytosolic large ribosome subunit 16 9.87E-03
  Cellular component unknown 160 1.22E-02
  Collagen 15 1.36E-02
  Ribonucleoprotein complex 127 1.52E-02
  Biological process unknown 252 7.91E-04
  1. Cut-off <0.025