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Table 2 The genes for which a visible RNAi phenotype or/and a distinct GFP expression in C. elegans and a subcellular protein over-expression profile using human cell lines has been obtained.

From: A combined approach exploring gene function based on Worm-Human Orthology

Worm gene / Human ortholog RNAi (C. elegans) GFP expression (C. elegans) Subcellular localization (human)
T24D1.1 / NP_055733 Smaller population size, sickly appearance, partial sterility, smaller brood size No specific expression observed Cloning failed
F23C8.6 / NP_065145 Slow growth, uncoordinated behavior, larval arrest No specific expression observed Cloning failed
F38H4.7 / AAK25825 Wild type No specific expression observed Cytoplasmic foci
C11D2.4 / NP_115683 Wild type No specific expression observed Weak cytoplasmic and nuclear pattern
F41D9.1 / NP_056520 Wild type neural cells in the head, along the neural nerve cord and in the tail Cytoplasimic/nuclear rim
ZK795.3 / NP_219484 Slower growth, sterility, Spermatheca, hypodermal cells, pharynx, excretory cell and channels Diffuse nuclear, nucleolar, nuclear foci
C17E4.3 / NP_848545 Wild type Three distinct sheath/socket cells in the head; several cells around the cloaca; pharyngeal muscle cells Perinuclear/nuclear lamina
B0379.4a / AAP34400 Egg-laying deffects No specific expression observed Cytoskeletal/plasma membrane
C09D4.1 /NP_060261 Wild type Intestinal cells Protein not detected