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Table 2 Contribution of sources to the variance estimated for the nine validation experiments (Figure 4) and contribution of individual factors to the VG interactiona.

From: A generally applicable validation scheme for the assessment of factors involved in reproducibility and quality of DNA-microarray data

Variance source Contribution to the variance (%)
Gene (G) 5.0
Dye (SG) 4.2
Gene × Arrayb 7.8
RNA isolation and labelingc 1.5
Sampling 7.1
VG d 26.9
Day × Gene 19.7e
Experimenter × Gene 17.3e
Array batch × Gene 14.9e
Spot pins × Gene 4.5f
  1. a The degrees of freedom results in the separate ANOVAs are listed in the supplementary web-site [21].
  2. b Assumed to consist of hybridization effects and signal-to-noise differences per slide.
  3. c Derived from the variance observed between Ba and Bb cultures (Figure 1).
  4. d Variances that are dependent on the validation experiment performed and due to day-to-day differences, identity of the experimenter, and DNA microarray batch differences.
  5. e Due to overlap in levels, the contribution of these interactions were individually determined.
  6. f A change from 8 to 12 spot-pins used for array spotting coincided with a switch in the RNA isolation method.