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Table 3 Correlation between sequence identity and expression context conservation for 1-1 orthologs between all species pairs. P is the probability that the data set is a sample drawn from a distribution with correlation coefficient zero.

From: A global definition of expression context is conserved between orthologs, but does not correlate with sequence conservation

species A species B correlation P
C. elegans D. melanogaster 0.077 8.41·10-4
C. elegans H. sapiens 0.060 4.49·10-3
C. elegans S. cerevisiae 0.121 5.14·10-6
D. melanogaster H. sapiens 0.092 6.27·10-5
D. melanogaster S. cerevisiae 0.050 9.01·10-2
H. sapiens S. cerevisiae 0.061 1.46·10-2