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Table 4 Sequence identity and expression context conservation of the two βNAC in-paralogs in S. cerevisiae. The β subunit of the Nascent polypeptide-Associated Complex has two orthologs in S. cerevisiae: Enhanced Gal4 DNA binding protein 1 (EGD1, β1NAC) and Basic Transcription factor Three 1 (BTT1, β3NAC). The three other species in this analysis have only one ortholog: inhibitor of cell death 1 (icd-1 in C. elegans), bicaudal (bic in D. melanogaster) and Basic Transcription Factor 3 (BTF3 in H. sapiens).

From: A global definition of expression context is conserved between orthologs, but does not correlate with sequence conservation

   C. elegans icd-1 D. melanogaster bic H. sapiens BTF3
S. cerevisiae EGD1 identity 0.385 0.350 0.375
S. cerevisiae EGD1 exp. cont. 0.302 0.203 0.199
S. cerevisiae BTT1 identity 0.300 0.305 0.340
S. cerevisiae BTT1 exp. cont. -0.205 -0.092 0.006