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Table 3B LET-756-interacting proteins identified by screening Y2H human placenta libraries. B: Description of the proteins and identification of the C. elegans ortologs.

From: Direct and heterologous approaches to identify the LET-756/FGF interactome

Protein Description C.elegans orthologs
YWHAB (14-3-3β) protein with chaperone activity implicated in subcellular compartmentalization of binding partners PAR-5 or FTT1, FTT-2
MBD1 negative regulator of transcription, the methyl CpG-Binding Domain none
EIF3S2 initiator of translation (subunit 9) EIF3-B
FBLI1 protein belonging to the Zyxin family, having 3 LIM domains, involved in protein-protein interaction (filamin-binding LIM protein-1) ZYX-1
ZN420 zinc finger protein with a Krab domain none
  1. *: 3-AT concentration allowing yeast growth was 20mM except for DAF-21 where it was 40 mM