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Table 3 Network focus genes from Ingenuity Pathways Analysis meeting differential expression cutoff of log2(ratio) ≥ ± 0.58 (1.5-fold increase or decrease) in at least 1 set of twins.

From: Gene expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines from monozygotic twins discordant in severity of autism reveals differential regulation of neurologically relevant genes

GenBank # Gene Neurological function or disease*
T49652 ALOX5AP neuronal signaling; possibly neurodegenerative diseases
AA991590 APOC1  
AA147170 ALS4 ataxia-ocular apraxia
AA676466 ASS involved in nitric oxide production
H21041 ATF3 extension of neurites
AA702350 AUTS2 Asperger's syndrome
AI341427 BCAT1  
AA430367 CBS  
R00276 CD38  
AA283949 CDC14A  
N67039 CDK6  
H15267 CHL1 extension of neurites; organization of mossy fibers
AA521362 CR2  
AA884403 CTF1 myelination, differentiation of neurons
AI371096 DAPK1 apoptosis of hippocampal neurons
W00789 DST coalignment of neurofilaments, projection of axons; dysmyelination
AA448599 F13A1 stroke
AA149640 FLT1 VEGF-induced release of nitric oxide
AA070902 GGA2  
AI375302 HMGB1 extension of neurites
AI539460 IL7  
AA406546 IL6ST myelination, development of motor neurons, retraction of dendrites
H09062 MLSTD1  
W07099 NAGLU neurogenesis; vacuolation of neurons
AA598611 NR4A2 neurogenesis; metabolism of dopamine
AA707195 NTRK2 survival of Purkinje cells; apoptosis of neurons
AA044267 P2RX5  
H09567 PAG possible role in chronic neuroinflammation
AA972337 PAWR  
AA489629 PBEF1  
AI016039 PLXNB2  
R80217 PTGS2 activation of astrocytes; spatial memory in mice; apoptosis of neurons
AA495950 RRM2B  
R27457 SLC38A2  
AI091460 SOS1  
N63153 SPRED1  
AI040821 TERE1  
AA970358 TSLP  
AA779727 ADAM19 development of septum
R01732 AMPD3  
AA478589 APOE quantity/morphology of neurons; neurite extension; learning in mice
AA984646 C7orf2  
AA448157 CYP1B1  
AA446027 EGR2 myelination; development of motor neurons; routing of axons
AA149096 HCK  
AA620511 HSPA8  
W73790 IGLL1  
AI380522 ITGB7 chronic demyelinating disease
AA679503 KIF1B morphology and size of brain; neuron survival
AA029283 LARGE  
T83159 LSP1  
AI351740 LTB neurological disorder in rats
AA022886 PITPNC1  
AI126054 PTK2  
AA173755 ROBO1 axon guidance
AA457700 SCD neural regeneration
AA504211 TNFSF11  
N68465 UAP1  
  1. Dataset included 1200 significant genes identified by SAM across three twin sets. FDR was 26.4%.
  2. Genes in Boldfaced type are ones of neurological relevance.
  3. *Descriptions of neurological functions were obtained from the Ingenuity Pathways Knowledge Base.