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Table 5 Significant genes exceeding expression cutoff across 5 sets of twins with ASD

From: Gene expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines from monozygotic twins discordant in severity of autism reveals differential regulation of neurologically relevant genes

Genbank# Gene name or description Mean log2 (ratio)*
  Upregulated (log2(ratio) ≥ 0.58)  
AA448599 F13A1, clotting factor XIIIa precursor 1.50
H15267 CHL1, neural cell adhesion molecule 1.10
AA521362 CR2 receptor 1.07
R00276 CD38 alt 0.83
W07099 NAGLU, N-acetylglucosaminidase, alpha 0.77
T49652 FLAP, ALOX5AP 0.77
AA044267 P2X5a 0.76
R40400 CHL1, neural cell adhesion molecule 0.75
H09567 PAG1 0.71
AI400399 CYP7B1 0.70
AA149640 FLT1 0.67
H17800 Unknown protein 0.67
H02307 FLAP, ALOX5AP 0.67
AA917693 Unknown protein 0.66
AI017382 ATXN7L1 0.66
AI091671 Unknown protein 0.65
N50114 PAG1 0.65
H95977 Nmd protein, PLA1A 0.65
AA040389 Unknown protein 0.64
H24011 Homeodomain-like protein 0.64
AI275120 Unknown protein 0.63
AA708955 SCHIP1, schwannomin interacting protein 1 0.62
AA406546 IL6ST, IL6 signal transducer, gp130 0.62
R79082 PTPRK 0.59
AI241341 CHL1, neural cell adhesion molecule 0.59
T61343 IL6ST, IL6 signal transducer, gp130 0.59
  Downregulated (log2(ratio) ≤ -0.58)  
AA446027 EGR2, Krox-20 homolog -0.90
AA630734 seryl-tRNA synthetase -0.86
R47893 CCL3L1 -0.80
AA682565 Unknown protein from neuroblastoma -0.76
R78530 COTL1 -0.73
AA933744 ECAT11 -0.73
N58443 GPR55 -0.68
H99699 mitochondrial aconitase -0.64
H03494 CD44 -0.63
AA450353 ELMOD1 -0.63
AA458965 IL32, natural killer cell protein, transcript 4 -0.63
R33402 SAMSN1 -0.62
AA111969 CD83 antigen -0.60
AI380522 ITGB7, integrin beta-7 subunit -0.60
AA682637 CHST2 -0.59
  1. *Mean log2(ratio)of gene expression across 5 sets of twins with ASD. SAM analysis revealed 1281 significant genes with a median FDR of 15.6%. Only genes for which microarray data is available for all 3 sets of twins are included in this table. Genes in boldface type have been shown to be relevant to neurological development, structure, or function.