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Table 7 Differentially expressed candidate genes from microarray experiments mapped in silico to autism susceptibility genes and QTL

From: Gene expression profiling of lymphoblastoid cell lines from monozygotic twins discordant in severity of autism reveals differential regulation of neurologically relevant genes

Candidate gene Genbank # Physical Location Reported closely mapped autism candidate genes or QTL* Ref
ASS AA676405 chr9 (130,349,862–130,406,214) dopamine beta-hydroxylase (9q34) 77
CHL1 H15267 chr3 (423,533–426,095) KIAA0121 (3p25.2) 75
IL6R-beta, gp130 T61343 chr5 (55,267,950–55,272,766) Language QTL chr5:40(0–67) 76
IL6ST AA406546 chr5 (55,271,809–55,272,305) Language QTL chr5:40(0–67) 76
DAPK1 AI371096 chr9 (87,552,642–87,553,099)   
FLAP, ALOX5AP T49652 chr13 (30,207,643–30,236,962) AUTS3 (13q14-22), HTR2A-2 (serotonin recep. 2A) (13q14-21) 71, 72
ITGB7 AI380522 chr12 (51,871,361–51,887,333) arginine vasopressin receptor 1A (12q14-15) 69
EGR2 AA446027 chr10 (64,241,755–64,246,081) Language QTL chr10:107(72–126); HTR-7 76
ROBO1 AA173755 chr3 (78,729,082–78,729,496)