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Table 2 Files extracted from TAIR FTP site [55]. Due to the small amount of miss-annotation that may interface with the bioinformatics analysis, UTRs less that 4 nt in length and introns less than 6 nt in length were excluded from the analysis.

From: Effect of 5'UTR introns on gene expression in Arabidopsis thaliana

File Type of data
ATH1_3_UTR_20050325 Coordinates and sequences of 3'UTRs
ATH1_5_UTR_20050325 Coordinates and sequences of 5'UTRs
At_intron_20050330 Coordinates and sequences of introns Coordinates of CDSs, ORFs, exons and genes
ATH1_chr1.1con.01222004 Chromosome 1 – complete sequence
ATH1_chr2.1con.01222004 Chromosome 2 – complete sequence
ATH1_chr3.1con.01222004 Chromosome 3 – complete sequence
ATH1_chr4.1con.01222004 Chromosome 4 – complete sequence
ATH1_chr5.1con.04172003 Chromosome 5 – complete sequence