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Table 1

From: An analysis of intra array repeats: the good, the bad and the non informative

Dataset accession number1 Description Number of samples2 Number of informative pairs3
GSE1133 Gene atlas of human protein-encoding transcriptome from 79 tissues obtained from various sources. 158 4044
GSE473 Asthma and atopy – Investigation of CD4+ lymphocytes from patients with and without atopy, in combination with asthma 29 586
GSE974 Analysis of paired left ventricular apex samples harvested at implant of left ventricular assist device (LVAD) and at explant. 38 5148
GSE995 Expression profiling of HL-60 and acute promyelocytic leukemia cells treated with various drugs. 87 4695
  1. 1 Of the gene expression omnibus database
  2. 2 The number of experiments included in each dataset.
  3. 3 The number of pairs included in the analysis in each dataset after removing non informative probe sets (see methods).