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Table 4 Listing and Characteristics of Chlamydophila-specific proteins

From: BLAST screening of chlamydial genomes to identify signature proteins that are unique for the Chlamydiales, Chlamydiaceae, Chlamydophila and Chlamydia groups of species

Protein Loci Protein Name/Size C. cav C. abo C. pne Next Best Hit
CCA00062 (AAP04814) YwbM, 463aa 0 6e-113, 501aa 1e-14, 382aa Aspergillus nidulans (0.56, 182aa)
CCA00177 (AAP04928) hypoth, 367aa 0 1e-146, 370aa 7e-35, 366aa Tetraodon nigroviridis (2.7, 659aa)
CCA00189 (AAP04940) hypoth, 316aa 0 2e-111, 316aa 3e-60, 312aa Novosphingobium aromaticivorans (0.010, 331aa)
CCA00222 (AAP04973) put. mb. protein, 123aa 1e-55 6e-22, 113aa 3e-05, 110aa Campellolebias dorsimaculatus, (0.04, 348aa)
CCA00246 (AAP04997) put. lipoprotein, 313aa 0 6e-158, 314aa 3e-96, 317aa No other BLAST hits
CCA00261 (AAP05012) put. mb. protein, 1044aa 0 0, 1105aa 3e-64, 1033aa Capsicum annuum (0.18, 576aa)
CCA00296 (AAP05045) hypoth, 448aa 0 4e-74, 442aa 2e-35, 445aa Ralstonia eutropha (1.6, 556aa)
CCA00299 (AAP05048) hypoth, 288aa 5e-146 4e-96, 288aa 3e-45, 289aa Neurospora crassa (1.4, 541aa)
CCA00352 (AAP05100) hypoth, 197aa 3e-95 2e-60, 204aa 5e-12, 212aa Cryptophlebia leucotreta (0.016, 395aa)
CCA00353 (AAP05101) hypoth, 186aa 3e-85 3e-60, 205aa 1e-11, 175aa Mus musculus (0.12, 718aa)
CCA00360 (AAP05108) put. inner mb. protein, 97aa 4e-47 4e-28, 104aa 1e-04, 101aa Arabidopsis thaliana (0.58, 513aa)
CCA00361 (AAP05109) put. inner mb. protein,, 110aa 4e-57 2e-42, 110aa 0.014, 111aa Bacillus licheniformis (1.3, 416aa)
CCA00434 (AAP05180) put. inner mb. protein, 451aa 0 4e-125, 435aa 6e-34, 424aa other Chlamydophila hits ; Apis mellifera (0.93, 1500aa)
CCA00497 (AAP05241) hypoth, 471aa 0 3e-173, 471aa 1e-55, 515aa Trophyrema whipplei (2.9, 735aa)
CCA00530 (AAP05273) hypoth, 424aa 0 1e-32, 435aa 6e-26, 435aa Fusobacterium nucleatum (3.2, 448aa)
CCA00575 (AAP05317) put. lipoprotein, 294aa 3e-165 1e-97, 277aa 3e-59, 284aa Wolinella. succinogenes (2.5, 329aa)
CCA00576 (AAP05318) hypoth 170aa 7e-88 1e-43, 155aa 2e-18, 164aa Melanoplus sanguinipes (0.36, 254aa)
CCA00578 (AAP05320) put. lipoprotein, 280aa 1e-160 7e-08, 277aa 2e-05, 284aa Plasmodium falciparum (1.3, 294aa)
CCA00621 (AAP05363) PTMP, 108aa 3e-54 2e-33, 108aa 4e-09, 161aa Agrobacterium tumefaciens (0.34, 279aa)
CCA00738 (AAP05479) lipoprotein, 95aa 5e-35 3e-15, 99aa 0.003, 99aa Mycobacterium leprae (8.5, 574aa)
  1. These proteins are uniquely found in species belonging to Chlamydophila genus but they are absent in various Chlamydia and Protochlamydia species as well as all other groups of bacteria. Abbreviations: put. inner mb., putative inner membrane protein, PTMP, putative transmembrane protein.