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Table 2 Homology search of FGAS contigs. As a first step, the 11,225 FGAS unique sequences were analyzed using the wheat-filtered db_est (NCBI release 2.2.12, Aug-07-2005). The non-homologous transcripts were then analyzed against the wheat protein database to subtract protein homologs. The remaining transcripts were then analyzed in the same manner against the Arabidopsis and rice databases and finally against the nr database. The complete homology search was performed at e-25 and e-05 cut-offs. The numbers indicate the number of genes that do not show any homology at the indicated e-value cut-off.

From: Wheat EST resources for functional genomics of abiotic stress

   e-25 e-05
Wheat BLASTN db_est 2304 1581
  TBLASTX 2243 1470
Arabidopsis BLASTN db_est 2238 1470
  TBLASTX 1985 1102
Rice BLASTN db_est 1845 987
  TBLASTX 1674 855
nr db_est BLASTN 1623 795