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Table 1 Samples that were sequenced for the complete mitochondrial DNA and their geographical location, linguistic affiliations and haplogroups assigned,

From: In situ origin of deep rooting lineages of mitochondrial Macrohaplogroup 'M' in India

Sl. No. Sample Code Haplogroup Population Location Linguistic Affiliation
1 P12 M3 Paniya Kerala Dravidian
2 Or89 M5a Gadaba Orrisa Austro-Asiatic
3 P31 M6b Paniya Kerala Dravidian
4 T9 M33a Tadvi Gujarat Indo-European
5 M42 M34a Random Karnataka Dravidian
6 Or82 M18 Oraon Bihar Austro-Asiatic
7 T12 M4a Tadvi Gujarat Indo-European
8 R1 M37a Rathwa Gujarat Indo-European
9 PS38 M41b Pardhan Andhra-Pradesh Dravidian
10 PJ10 M41c Pardhan Andhra-Pradesh Dravidian
11 O9 M31a1 Onge Andaman Andamanese