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Table 8 The expression of S. ratti genes with and without significant alignment to C. elegans genes with RNAi-knockdown phenotypes.

From: A microarray analysis of gene expression in the free-living stages of the parasitic nematode Strongyloides ratti

C. elegans RNAi phenotype BLAST alignment1 Expression2 p3
Growth 481 alignments L1-up (1.18) 0.0001
  1,422 no alignment iL3-up (1.12)  
Larval arrest 342 alignments L1-up (1.26) 0.0001
  1,561 no alignment iL3-up (1.10)  
Morphology 272 alignments L1-up (1.22) 0.001
  1,631 no alignment iL3-up (1.09)  
Movement 187 alignments L1-up (1.17) 0.01
  1,716 no alignment iL3-up (1.06)  
Reproduction 340 alignments L1-up (1.16) 0.001
  1,563 no alignment iL3-up (1.09)  
Total 4 1,622 alignments L1-up (1.18) 0.00001
  281 no alignment iL3-up (1.16)  
  1. 1Number of S. ratti ESTs with or without significant BLAST alignment to C. elegans genes with RNAi phenotypes.
  2. 2The direction of the difference in expression (i.e. L1- or iL3-up) and, shown in parentheses, the mean ratio of expression.
  3. 3The significance of the difference of the mean levels of expression for the ESTs with and without significant BLAST alignments.
  4. 4All RNAi phenotypes combined. Note, that 511 S. ratti ESTs had significant alignment to a C. elegans gene that had an RNAi phenotype in more than one phenotypic class.