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Table 9 The expression of S. ratti contigs with and without significant alignment to S. stercoralis L1- or iL3- specific or – biased contigs.

From: A microarray analysis of gene expression in the free-living stages of the parasitic nematode Strongyloides ratti

S. stercoralis contig expression1 BLAST alignments2 Expression3 p4
L1-biased 114 alignments iL3-up (1.23) 0.001
  874 no alignment L1-up (1.09)  
iL3-biased 133 alignments iL3-up (1.21) 0.01
  855 no alignment iL3-up (1.03)  
L1-specific 349 alignments iL3-up (1.22) 0.05
  639 no alignment iL3-up (1.13)  
iL3-specific 254 alignments iL3-up (1.21) 1.0
  734 no alignment iL3-up (1.12)  
  1. 1Mitreva pers. comm. [17].
  2. 2Number of S. ratti contigs with or without a significant BLAST alignment to the S. stercoralis contigs in the respective categories.
  3. 3The direction of the difference in expression (i.e. L1- or iL3-up) and, shown in parentheses, the mean ratio of expression.
  4. 4The significance of the difference of the mean levels of expression for the ESTs with and without significant BLAST alignments.