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Figure 2

From: The maize INDETERMINATE1 flowering time regulator defines a highly conserved zinc finger protein family in higher plants

Figure 2

Alignment of deduced ID-domain amino acid sequences of maize, rice and Arabidopsis IDD genes, as well as PCP1 from potato. Alignment of the ID domain. Green shaded areas represent amino acid identity in 70% or more of the sequences. The position of each zinc finger is by a bar and cysteine (C) and histidine (H) residues boxed; filled triangle indicate conserved C residues and open triangle indicate conserved H residues. (For the sake of simplicity, we have renamed the zinc finger order (Z1, Z2, Z3 and Z4); in a previous study (Kozaki et al., 2004) the order was Z1, Z3, Z2 and Z4.) A thick bar at the N-terminal region of the ID-domain shows the putative NLS sequence. The pink triangle represents the position intron unique to ID1 and SbID.

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