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Table 2 Information about real-time RT-PCR primers and probes for indicated ion channel transcripts

From: Tissue-specific expression of TRP channel genes in the mouse and its variation in three different mouse strains

Gene Accession number Assay-on-Demand
TRPC1 NM_011643 Mm00441975_m1
TRPC2 NM_011644 Mm00441984_m1
TRPC5 NM_009428 Mm00437183_m1
TRPC6 NM_013838 Mm00443441_m1
TRPC7 NM_012035 Mm00442606_m1
TRPV2 NM_011706 Mm00449223_m1
TRPV3 NM_145099 Mm00454996_m1
TRPV4 NM_022017 Mm00499025_m1
TRPV6 NM_022413 Mm00499069_m1
TRPM1 NM_018752 Mm00450619_m1
TRPM5 NM_020277 Mm00498453_m1
TRPM7 NM_021450 Mm00457998_m1
TRPM8 NM_134252 Mm00454566_m1
TRPA1 NM_177781 Mm00625268_m1
  1. The sets of probes and primers for detection of TRP channel mRNAs by TaqMan RT-PCR were obtained from PE Applied Biosystems.