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Figure 8

From: Comprehensive comparative analysis of kinesins in photosynthetic eukaryotes

Figure 8

Expanded view of Kinesin-9 and Kinesin-10 families. Expansion of the Kinesin-9 and Kinesin-10 families from Fig. 2. An experimentally studied Arabidopsis kinesin is indicated in parenthesis with its published name in bold. Green brackets indicate plant-specific groups, mixed clades are shown in blue brackets and red brackets indicate groupings composed of opisthokonts. Green circle and blue square indicate gene duplications in flowering plants and dicots, respectively. See Fig. 2 legend for an explanation of support values. Support values in italicized blue font indicate those clades supported in the parsimony analyses except for the inclusion of Pt 00151235 (see text). For full names of species see Fig. 1 legend. Fl. Plants, flowering plants.

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